Culinary Entertainment, Redefined.

Daniel Shemtob’s success is fueled by deep seeded passion, eccentric creativity and love for community. Being raised to value hard work & intentional effort has helped him get to where he is today.
Despite skipping college and foregoing studying at any of the world’s most renowned culinary institutions, Daniel's success has never been hindered by a lack of traditional education.
From food trucks, fast casual restaurants, to fine dining, all styles of catering and his work wear footwear brand... Daniel has no shortage of entrepreneurial ventures under his belt these days.
His career has propelled him into two Food Network show wins, and multiple accolades that have helped further his vision into the world.

Daniel is a Chef, Restauranteur, and Entrepreneur living in Los Angeles.

“Being creative, disciplined, ambitious, and eccentric is who I am. Excelling by leveraging my professional experience, expansive network, and my positive outlook, I am able to create long term opportunities for me and my community, lifting us up together.”

Daniel Shemtob